Forged by Nature – Yours to Experience

Kenya’s Only Private Island Escape

Immerse yourself in a unique private island escape to Chale Island.
Off the beaten track, Chale Island, blends effortlessly with and abundance of natural beauty and offers chic coastal accommodation and a wide range of mouth-watering dining options. A carefully curated bucket-list of activities throws up the chance for an escape to nature that’s hard to beat, carving memories to last a lifetime.
With warm, authentic Kenyan hospitality, Chale Island offers the perfect chance to unwind and rejuvenate in a breathtaking natural environment with the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and the local wildlife complimenting the Chale Island experience.


Lying just four degrees south of the equator, Chale Island offers you a choice of worlds that no other island can equal.

Coral seas abundant with fish life, coastal forests and mangroves teaming with bird and insect life, snow white beaches offering safe warm bathing, and of course Kenya’s world famous safari parks.

Sunset view from the boat


Meet the Wildlife

Chale Island is unique. Hand in hand with an incredible natural environment, the island itself is home to two troops of Colobus Monkeys and is a nesting site for Green Turtles, who can regularly be seen making their way up the beach to lay their eggs. The waters around the island are host to a stunning bounty of marine life, with regular whale shark sightings (the largest fish in the ocean) as well a migrating whales. An abundance of bird life also call Chale Island home. With such prolific wildlife that we are sharing this paradise island with, we are pleased to have an extensive sustainability initiative as part of our DNA.

One Unique Island. A Lifetime of Unique Memories.

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