3 bucket list activities at Chale Island

Whether you are getting ready for your upcoming holiday or returning to Chale Island, we have compiled a list of 3 must-try activities…

1. Snorkeling or diving the amazing reefs
Just a few steps from your room, the stunning turquoise waters around Chale Island are perfect for snorkeling. You can spot colourful reef fish, turtles, eagle rays, and also harmless reef sharks.
If you prefer to be underwater, Indian Ocean and diving are a match made in heaven. If you have never tried diving before, there is no better place to start. With our experienced instructors at Diving the Crab, our local dive center, you will learn the basic skills and discover the incredible underwater world.

2. Treat yourself to a massage
After a long journey to reach this paradise island, you deserve some pampering. At Maisha Poa Spa, located in the heart of the island, our experienced therapists will heal your body and soul. Try our Swedish Massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

3. Explore the mangroves
Thanks to our Mangrove Tour, explore and learn about one of the most unique and important ecosystem on our planet. You will have the opportunity to see the distinctive features of these forests, such as the mangrove roots, providing a safe haven for juvenile fish, and the diversity of bird and animal life.

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Breathtaking sunset at Mkoko Sunset Deck
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