Green Sea Turtle underwater

Thinking Green

Chale Island is unique.

Hand in hand with an incredible natural environment, the island itself is home to different species of monkeys and is a nesting site for Green Turtles, who can regularly be seen making their way up the beach to lay their eggs.

The waters around the island are host to a stunning bounty of marine life, with regular whale shark sightings as well as migrating whales.

An abundance of bird life also call Chale Island home.

With such prolific wildlife that we are sharing this paradise island with, we are pleased to have an extensive sustainability initiative as part of our DNA.

Sustainable initiatives

Thinking Green

Thinking Green is The Sands Group’s environmental and ecological initiative that is designed to help protect, educate, and conserve the incredible natural world along Kenya’s south coast.

Consisting of a range of projects and ideas Thinking Green helps connect the different areas of the group along with the local community in ways that allow for meaningful change and ideas to be shared.

Minimising our impact on the environment